supercompiler vs master

270c8d8ae5c3Max Bolingbroke
Ad-hoc nofib-analyse changes and SUPERCOMP_HC_OPTS 
Dec 6 2012
ddc87ccb2620Max Bolingbroke
Tweaks to benchmarks, more benchmarks 
Nov 15 2012
6f57cbc98bd8Max Bolingbroke
Add module size to nofib output 
Nov 15 2012
6f01206bd103Max Bolingbroke
Considerable benchmark tweaking 
Nov 14 2012
87c35a015f8aMax Bolingbroke
Make subset of supercompile-folder benchmarks compile and run correctly, fix SC… 
Nov 9 2012
b65222fb4962Max Bolingbroke
Playing with Bernouilli 
May 10 2012
9812ada23b04Max Bolingbroke
Change how default supercompliation options are setup 
May 10 2012
5d0863d4afd5Max Bolingbroke
First draft of supercompilation nofib tests 
May 10 2012
d77043e57f3cMax Bolingbroke
Ignore common OS junk 
May 10 2012