Fix archive loading on Windows by the runtime loader

Authored by Phyx.


Fix archive loading on Windows by the runtime loader

The runtime loader is unable to find archive files .a shipping
with the inplace GCC.

It seems the issue is caused by findArchive being unable to
find any archives that are shipped using the in-place GCC.

  • It works on Linux because findArchive would search the standard Linux include path.
  • It works during compilation because GCC can find it's own libraries (we explicitly tell it where to look for libraries using the gcc wrapper around realgcc)

So fixing the issue means using searchForLibUsingGcc in findArchive
as well, which will then find the correct file.

The reason for the error as it is, is because if we can't locate the
library using any of the methods we have, we assume it is a system dll,
or something on the system search path. e.g. if trying to load

There is a slight issue in that the GHCi code (incorrectly) favors
static archives over dynamic ones

findDll        `orElse`
findArchive    `orElse`
tryGcc         `orElse`
tryGccPrefixed `orElse`

This has the unwanted effect of when kernel32 is specified as a lib,
it will try to load kernel32.a instead of kernel32.dll.

To solve this I have added another search function that is able to
search the Windows search paths using SearchPath in order to find if
it is a dll on the system search path.

The new search order is:

findDll     `orElse`
findSysDll  `orElse`
tryGcc      `orElse`
findArchive `orElse`

(tryGccPrefixed was rolled into tryGcc so it is no longer needed at
top level)

Test Plan: ./validate added new windows tests T3242

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