Improve sinking pass

Authored by jstolarek on Sep 12 2013, 8:29 AM.


Improve sinking pass

This commit does two things:

  • Allows duplicating of global registers and literals by inlining them. Previously we would only inline global register or literal if it was used only once.
  • Changes method of determining conflicts between a node and an assignment. New method has two advantages. It relies on DefinerOfRegs and UserOfRegs typeclasses, so if a set of registers defined or used by a node should ever change, conflicts function will use the changed definition. This definition also catches more cases than the previous one (namely CmmCall and CmmForeignCall) which is a step towards making it possible to run sinking pass before stack layout (currently this doesn't work).

This patch also adds a lot of comments that are result of about two-week
long investigation of how sinking pass works and why it does what it does.