Clean up coreView/tcView.

Authored by bgamari on Mar 27 2017, 12:17 PM.


Clean up coreView/tcView.

In Core, Constraint should be considered fully equal to
TYPE LiftedRep, in all ways. Accordingly, coreView should
unwrap Constraint to become TYPE LiftedRep. Of course, this
would be a disaster in the type checker.

So, where previously we used coreView in both the type checker
and in Core, we now have coreView and tcView, which differ only
in their treatment of Constraint.

Historical note: once upon a past, we had tcView distinct from
coreView. Back then, it was because newtypes were unwrapped in
Core but not in the type checker. The distinction is back, but
for a different reason than before.

This had a few knock-on effects:

  • The Typeable solver must explicitly handle Constraint to ensure that we produce the correct evidence.
  • TypeMap now respects the Constraint/Type distinction

Finished by: bgamari

Test Plan: ./validate

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