Finish fix for #14880.

Authored by tdammers on Sep 13 2018, 2:56 AM.


Finish fix for Trac #14880.

The real change that fixes the ticket is described in
Note [Naughty quantification candidates] in TcMType.

Fixing this required reworking candidateQTyVarsOfType, the function
that extracts free variables as candidates for quantification.
One consequence is that we now must be more careful when quantifying:
any skolems around must be quantified manually, and quantifyTyVars
will now only quantify over metavariables. This makes good sense,
as skolems are generally user-written and are listed in the AST.

As a bonus, we now have more control over the ordering of such

Along the way, this commit fixes Trac #15711 and refines the fix
to Trac #14552 (by accepted a program that was previously rejected,
as we can now accept that program by zapping variables to Any).

This commit also does a fair amount of rejiggering kind inference
of datatypes. Notably, we now can skip the generalization step
in kcTyClGroup for types with CUSKs, because we get the
kind right the first time. This commit also thus fixes Trac #15743 and
Trac #15592, which both concern datatype kind generalisation.
(Trac #15591 is also very relevant.) For this aspect of the commit, see
Note [Required, Specified, and Inferred in types] in TcTyClsDecls.

Test cases: dependent/should_fail/T14880{,-2},