Kill off old, unused DNS names
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We have a lot of unused entries in our Zonefile we could nuke. A quick list of records we could nuke:

  • sparky (current status: MIA)
  • abbot (current status: honorable discharge; retirement)
  • old-hackage (current status: was on abbot; retired)
  • new-hackage (current status: deployed; new record can be provisioned for testing)
  • revdeps.hackage (current status: MIA)
  • rt (current status: should be put out to pasture; see T44)
  • yale (current status: retirement)
  • Some of the weirdo industry records could be cleaned up.
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  • old-hackage deleted.
  • nun deleted
  • sparky deleted.
  • new-hackage deleted (for now; will be resurrected for T5 probably).
  • revdevs.hackage nuked.
  • yale nuked.
  • abbot deleted.