Isolate the mail server
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We need to move the mailing relay off of www, before we move the wiki to a new server and can complete the Rackspace migration. We'll have to figure something out here...

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12:23 AM <erikd> There's a problem with the dns When sending email to my server it announces itself as <>, but the name does not resolve to that IP address.
12:23 AM <sclv> right we have a cdn in the way
12:24 AM <sclv> does that screw up mail delivery?
12:25 AM <sclv> maybe we need to set up mail from a not behind the cdn or something
12:25 AM <erikd> sclv: yes
12:25 AM <erikd> my mail server insists on working dns and reverse lookup

This is basically done now, since we instead moved the webserver where it was and moved the original box to the new domain.

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