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Since Fastly has given us unlimited CDN-ness, we need a better way to host static files - ta-da!!!

I have a server mostly configured, besides the upload permission work.

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The basic server is now up: and it can host tarballs, but unfortunately a SSL certificate will require contacting Fastly again so they can hopefully set us up with a SSL certificate. We'll also need this for Hackage. @davean, do you want to try and contact them?

(To be clear, they have a free SSL option, but this requires using a non domain, which is a bit suboptimal.)

Note: @davean is on the move and should have cleared the certificate with DigiCert. We'll be getting SSL by the end of next week hopefully (when they renew their shared certs).

Side note: the server should now properly be configured with bind mounts and permissions; still need to use SFTP jails for logins, but otherwise 95% done in admin needs.

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I consider this fixed now, although we still need the SFTP jailing.