Enforce HSTS on all SSL pages
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I propose we pull the trigger and enable HSTS on many of our sites; we already force them anyway by doing a soft 302 redirect, but really we should set HSTS flags.

This includes things like

  • www.h.o and new-www.h.o
  • ghc.haskell.org AKA Trac
  • Phabricator
  • Monitor/Nagios

Planet and Hackage may have to stick around with HTTP availble to not interrupt existing clients.

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I've configured https://ghc.haskell.org/ to emit the HSTS header

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Merged in old task. We still need to do this to finish the CloudFlare migration really (because we want it to talk to SSL on the backend and enforce proper headers). Copying old link:


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https://status.haskell.org now always redirects to HTTPS, thanks to the fact CloudFlare can route it for us.

this is done for www.haskell.org. dunno what's left.