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We should really replace the homepage for with Chris's homepage here:

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Replicating thoughts from irc: we should push sooner rather than later, "move fast and break things". We'll need to get the wiki accessible from so we can cut over www and not have the wiki disappear. Also probably stick in redirects from the /haskellwiki path of the new site to the wiki.h.o site. Also, therefore, eventually redesign the wiki frontpage to reflect its new role.

Before the launch we need to fix the download page to be less "opinionated" i think, but otherwise can futz with other improvements later.

Other improvements include:

A) more "news" sources (wiki updates, planet.h.o, something else?)
B) more/better documentation links -- more manuals, definitely a link to libraries documentation.
C) hoogle/hayoo links and integration even maybe
D) dropdown menus when ppl aren't on mobile -- hard to see how much the site offers without them.

also eventually for the frontpage:

A) haskell-infra status page link
B) donate link

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