Add HaskNag as a custom Auron package.
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HaskNag is our nagios alert bot that sits in #haskell-alerts and spits out messages from nagios as they come in. Right now, the live nagios box pulls this from a custom copr repo hosted in Fedora land using a simple RPM I made. But for Auron we can just use cabal2nix or similar and generate a .nix expression from the HaskNag cabal file.

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@austin how do I add cabal packages in auron/src/pkgs that aren't in Hackage? Running into issues with:

{ cabal, fetchgit, irc, network }:

cabal.mkDerivation (self: {
  pname = "hasknag";
  version = "20140901";

  src = fetchgit {
    url = git://;
    rev = "refs/heads/master";
    # TODO: Update this hash.
    sha256 = "1ap319isjg8bafm4jz2krfwvvg11hj5yk0g99a3l1a3a36hpdgzw";
  isLibrary = false;
  isExecutable = true;
  buildDepends = [
  meta = {
    homepage = "";
    description = "Haskell nagios IRC announce bot";
    license = self.stdenv.lib.licenses.bsd3;
    platforms = self.ghc.meta.platforms;

When I import the file in a role and try to refer to the variable I imported it as in a string (to reference a file path in the systemd config), it says error: cannot coerce a function to a string, at /home/ricky/devel/haskell/infra/auron/src/hosts/roles/nagios.nix:76:16

…which makes me think cabal definitions work differently than regular packages in nixpkgs.

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