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Authored by goldfire on Jun 15 2015, 8:57 PM.


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Data families aren't distinct, because of the possibility
of newtype instances.

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This is for the 7.10 branch only? It's subsumed by D968?

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Yes, Richard, should this be applied to both branches or just ghc-7.10? I assume both, even if this is just a bandaid in the mean time (cf D968).

It does look like there's a test failure if applied to master though, so just to be safe...

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This is really intended to just go against 7.10, as D968 is way too big for inclusion in 7.10. But there's no problem with putting this in master on the way to 7.10. I'm validating locally now. Once that works, I'll push and update the ticket in Trac.

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This has landed with 89c7168c150ccc38a2e6dd4a3aea555616722260