Build system: ./boot && ./configure && make sdist (#8723)

Authored by thomie on May 28 2015, 6:41 AM.



Make it possible to run make sdist right after configure, without completing
a complete build first.

Test Plan

I compared the contents of the created .tar.bz2 files in the sdistprep
directory, after running make sdist both before and after completing a full
build, using diff -r. There weren't any differences (after applying the
patches from D914).

Note that the .tar.bz2 files were not exactly the same size, but they aren't
either when tarring and bzipping the same directory twice. It seems tarring
and bzipping is not deterministic (on my system).

Depends on: D914

Diff Detail

rGHC Glasgow Haskell Compiler
Automatic diff as part of commit; lint not applicable.
Automatic diff as part of commit; unit tests not applicable.
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Looks interesting, have you tested that make sdist-ghc still works? As that's the tarball most important for nightly buildjobs...


Is sdist% (which looks a bit odd) supposed to end up in MAKECMDGOALS in the first place?

Yes, make sdist-ghc works as well.

It takes 30 seconds on my laptop, most of which is spend on running happy over Parser.y and tar/bzipping.


% in make is similar to * in the shell.

So this also filters out targets sdist-ghc, sdist-windows-tarballs and sdist-testsuite.

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I see... but then why not sdist-% which would avoid matching some potentially unrelated sdist[a-z]* ? :)

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Explicit is better than implicit: don't use sdist%.

And make sure make sdist-ghc-prep works again, which does the same as `make
sdist-ghc` but skips the tar/bzip2 step.

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Nice, LGTM.

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Rename sdist-file to sdist-ghc-file. Format huge list of targets a bit.

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