includes/stg/SMP.h: implement simple load_/store_load_barrier on armv6 and older

Authored by trofi on May 17 2015, 7:43 AM.



Assuming there is no real SMP systems on these CPUs
I've added only compiler barrier (otherwise write_barrier
and friends need to be fixed as well).

Patch also fixes build breakage reported in Trac #10244.

Signed-off-by: Sergei Trofimovich <>

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This patch has already been applied to the Debian package, looks good so far.

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I don't think it is so simple. I don't know whether there are actually SMP pre-ARMv7 systems, but arm_HOST_ARCH_PRE_ARMv7 only means that we are targeting a pre-ARMv7 instruction set, but the resulting executables can also run on later versions of the ARM architecture.

For example, the ghc-android ( build sets arm_HOST_ARCH_PRE_ARMv7 (and even arm_HOST_ARCH_PRE_ARMv6), which I assume means that executables it produces can even run on ARMv5, but they also run on my tablet, which is an SMP ARMv7 system.

I'm speculating here, but I guess that programs that implement their own concurrency primitives for SMP are supposed to detect at runtime whether they need to use the memory barriers that are only available on ARMv7 (if that is actually the case). If we don't want to go that far, then possibly it would make sense to only support WITH_SMP when !defined(arm_HOST_ARCH_PRE_ARMv7).

I'm fine with this patch since it is better than failing to build completely, but we should at least have some kind of FIXME comment since the code seems likely to be wrong.

trofi added a comment.May 19 2015, 4:32 AM

I completely agree. I suggest rewording Ticket Trac #10244 (or create a new one?) to a form that
it's explicitly not only about build failure but about general issue of sprinkling 'dmb' instruction at
compile time.