Re-export `<$>` from Prelude

Authored by hvr on Feb 24 2015, 9:33 AM.



Whether to re-export the <$> non-method operator from Prelude wasn't
explicitly covered in the original AMP proposal, but it turns out that
not doing so forces most code that makes use of applicatives to import
Data.Functor or Control.Applicative just to get that operator into

The down-side is that this increases the amount of redundant-import
warnings triggered, as well as the relatively minor issue of stealing
the <$> operator from the default namespace for good (although at this
point <$> is supposed to be ubiquitous anyway due to Applicative
being forced into the next Haskell Report...)

NOTE: This is just a proof-of-concept and requires a decision from the CLC

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lgtm code-wise (I suspect the proposal will quickly go through).

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@austin I'm toying with the idea to land it early in the ghc-7.10 branch in a few days so we can distribute it early on with the ghc ppa to ppl for early testing before RC3

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If the rather overwhelmingly positive preliminary voting on this is any indication, we'll probably do both this and 681.

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I think we should go ahead and land this.

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