Custom `Typeable` solver, that keeps track of kinds.

Authored by yav on Feb 11 2015, 5:32 PM.



This implements the new Typeable solver: when GHC sees Typeable constraints
it solves them on the spot.

The current implementation creates TyCon representations on the spot.

Pro: No overhead at all in code that does not use Typeable
Cons: Code that uses Typeable may create multipe TyCon represntations.

We have discussed an implementation where representations of TyCons are
computed once, in the module, where a datatype is declared. This would
lead to more code being generated: for a promotable datatype we need to
generate 2 + number_of_data_cons type-constructro representations,
and we have to do that for all programs, even ones that do not intend to
use typeable.

I added code to emit warning whenevar deriving Typeable is encountered---
the idea being that this is not needed anymore, and shold be fixed.

Also, we allow instance Typeable T in .hs-boot files, but they result
in a warning, and are ignored. This last one was to avoid breaking exisitng
code, and should become an error, eventually.

Test Plan
  1. GHC can compile itself.
  2. I compiled a number of large libraries, including lens.
    • I had to make some small changes: unordered-containers uses internals of TypeReps, so I had to do a 1 line fix
    • lens needed one instance changed, due to a poly-kinded Typeble instance
  1. I also run some code that uses syb to traverse a largish datastrucutre.

I didn't notice any signifiant performance difference between the 7.8.3 version,
and this implementation.

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Apologies for the noise: this version had a bug, which I've now fixed on my branch, but I don't know how to regenarate the arc. Advice?

In the meantime: I also disabled the warnings about "ignoring deriving Typeable", as they lead to failure with -Wall, and I don't have time at the moment to update all of base, and GHC's dependencies. Perhaps, it'd be better to make this warning controllable with a switch.

Most of the fast validate passes, however there are a few tests that fail, and I am looking into the reason for that.

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Did you look at code size differences? I worry that this might be worse than deriving Typeable everywhere.

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  • Remove more unused code.
  • Bugfix: proxy# needs a kind, as well as a type.
  • Disable Ignoring derive Typeable warnings.
  • Remove unused imports to prevent warning, which leads to validation failure.
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  • Add flag to warn when deriving typeable, and update user manual
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D699 should go in first, so we can avoid having to update deepseq as part of *this* change

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well... D699 went in...

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Validate is passing and everything. Pushing now...

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