Support re-export deprecations (re #4879)
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Authored by hvr on Jan 29 2015, 6:38 AM.


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This is basically the patch originally implemented by Ian Lynagh
manually forward-ported to GHC 7.10/11 (the patch wasn't mergeable anymore)

WARNING: this is mostly untested... it just compiles... that's it; look out for XXX-markers

Original comment from Ian regarding this patch from Trac #4878:

I've added the beginnings of a patch for this. It needs some polishing, but basically works.

In essence, warnings are parsed in export lists, and kept in AvailInfo and then Provenance. When giving deprecation warnings, we check to see whether any provenance is warning-free, and if not then we print all the warnings.

I think we probably want to parameterise AvailInfo; in particular, rather than

addAvailInfoWarnings :: Map Name WarningTxt -> [AvailInfo] -> [AvailInfo]

we should have

addAvailInfoWarnings :: Map Name WarningTxt -> [AvailInfo Name] -> [AvailInfo NameWarn]

bestImport in extendImportMap should probably be trying to find an import without a warning, too.

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@alanz I think you have gained quite some experience with the renamer, and also while forward-porting I stumbled over a few places where the recent annotation-changes caused merge conflicts...

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I have commented on the Api Annotations part.

If you want, I can make my proposed change and submit a patch, let me know.


For API Annotaions there needs to be a single Located item to hang them off.

So we would need something like

data IEWarnings = IEWarnings SourceText [LIeWarning]

This is modelled on WarnDecls

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I don't like attaching a Maybe WarningTxt to every Name in every Avail. That's a LOT of Nothings!

I think it'd be better instead to have an OccEnv WarningTxt that travels with a [AvailInfo] giving the deprecations on exports (and I guess imports). This is a pretty simple refactoring; and it helps to keep the issues separate. AvailInfo is used quite widely, whereas this is very specific to deprecations.

The patch even generates such a mapping, in ExportAccum.

Adding a is_warning field to the ImportSpec in a GRE looks right to me.

I would much prefer it if all of these things were called "deprecations" not "warnings". I know that's an unforced refactoring, but it would be a helpful one.


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