Encode alignment in MO_Memcpy and friends

Authored by bgamari on Jan 20 2015, 11:19 PM.



Alignment needs to be a compile-time constant. Previously the code
generators had to jump through hoops to ensure this was the case as the
alignment was passed as a CmmExpr in the arguments list. Now we take
care of this up front.

This fixes Trac #8131.

Authored-by: Reid Barton <rwbarton@gmail.com>
Dusted-off-by: Ben Gamari <ben@smart-cactus.org>

Tests for T8131

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This a rebasing of @rwbarton's two patches for T8131 which is at this point the only failing test with LLVM 3.6 and D530.

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Harbormaster doesn't have LLVM installed, I assume you have tested this locally?

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Yes, this was tested while I was testing D530.

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Unfortunately this fails while bootstrapping GHC due to trivial alignment expressions produced in PrimOps.cmm (namely the WDS macro; e.g. 4 * 1). Not entirely sure of the right way to deal with this; clearly we don't want to perform constant expression evaluation in the parser.

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  • Encode alignment in MO_Memcpy and friends
  • Eliminate non-constant alignments from RTS and tests
  • Tests for T8131

I've added a fix for the PrimOps issue. Thankfully all of the uses of WDS were WDS(1), which is simply WORD_SZ. Unfortunately the validation failures are seemingly unrelated to the patch and not terribly reproducible. Need to investigate.

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OK, LGTM after a quick pass. Sorry for the review delay!

@rwbarton, do you want to take a glance?

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is this a description of what the code does, OR a "fix me" note?

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I see, all the includes/Cmm.h and rts/PrimOps.cmm changes are in new uses of prim %memcpy. LGTM.

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I believe this describes the code's function although I didn't write this comment.

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  • Fix build errors
  • CmmParse: Force alignment to ensure that non-constant error fires
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Fix diff

arc previously took the diff against HEAD^.

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  • Fix test
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  • Fix test name
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