Add initial events into the eventlog for forkProcess child
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In the RTS, when we forkProcess we set up the eventlog for the child process. However we currently don't emit any initial events into that child's eventlog. That's wrong because then when reading that eventlog you cannot tell what is going on, you don't know the capsets or tasks or anything.

Now, I must admit that this code has not been tested. I found it in an old git stash pile :-). So this may not be tracing everything, we'll have to eyeball a couple eventlogs to compare them.

Test Plan

Look at a eventlog created from the forkProcess child and compare it with one from a normal process startup. They ought to contain the same information.

Could also try using the ghc-events validate command.

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I think a better way would be to extract the events that we need to emit at the start of a new event log, and share that between forkProcess, the ordinary startup code, and the new support for starting event logging at runtime that Karolis is working on.

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oops, didn't mean to accept

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I have no idea if it matters, but in RtsStartup.c all these events are logged just before initTimer(), not after


insert something like "cap = capabilities[i]"


I'm quite lost in this code, but don't we also here need

                   RtsFlags.GcFlags.maxHeapSize * BLOCK_SIZE_W * sizeof(W_),
                   RtsFlags.GcFlags.minAllocAreaSize * BLOCK_SIZE_W * sizeof(W_),
                   MBLOCK_SIZE_W * sizeof(W_),
                   BLOCK_SIZE_W  * sizeof(W_));

this is taken from

RtsStartup.c- initStorage();

Other than that, I couldn't find any events we miss, by comparing this code and the normal init sequence. Comparing the eventlogs may reveal more.