Fix hadrian default build cannot find -lffi.
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Authored by DavidEichmann on Dec 7 2018, 5:17 PM.


Trac Issues

Support building dynamic libffi.
Add special case to install (this is a temporary workaround)

Test Plan

Ensure build environment does NOT have a system libffi installed (you may want to use a nix environment).
Then hadrian/ -c --flavour=default

DavidEichmann created this revision.Dec 7 2018, 5:17 PM

This fixes the build on CircleCI: Using Alp's nix environment I was able to recreate the build failure by building the default flavour. In the same environment with this patch build succeeds and I have run the tests in the perf and default flavours. I still see the drop in test failures the we expect from dynamically linking ghc.

bgamari added inline comments.

I'll admit, I am very worried about how many package-specific hacks have been sneaking into what should be generic code. As @simonmar pointed out earlier, in many ways this is a regression from the make build system where at least all package-specific logic is contained in a single file.

@davide, can you create two tickets?

  • a ticket reminding us to remove this hack, and
  • a ticket where we can discuss the potential refactoring of Hadrian to keep package-specific hacks better isolated
DavidEichmann marked an inline comment as done.Dec 9 2018, 7:46 AM

You're absolutely right @bgamari, this situation is not ideal, but I do fully intend to continue work on this. The Hadrian build is broken and the correct solution seems non-trivial, hence I saw this hacky solution as somewhat justified.

I've opened the 2 tickets as requested: Trac #16021 and Trac #16020

I think there's a bit of work to do to make this work nicely under all circumstances, but that should otherwise do the trick.


Shouldn't this only happen when we build the RTS in at least one dynamic enabled way? Otherwise when we build with the quickest flavour (which doesn't compile anything in a dyn way), we'll be copying those libffi shared libraries around but they'll never be used. Another essential condition is probably that platformSupportsSharedLibs holds.


I suppose we don't want to hardcode .so so that this will all work flawlessly on other systems. All the ones that support shared libraries anyway (see platformSupportsSharedLibs, which I think you're already familiar with).

So we can either "guess" the right extension by looking at the OS, or we can just say getDirectoryFiles buildPath' ["*", "libffi.dylib*", "libffi.dll*"] or something along those lines, and catch all those cases at once.


Do we really want to make this context unconditionally dynamic, don't we need it in the vanilla way sometimes too? Perhaps it'd be better to just use libffiContext { way = dynamic } in those use sites?

Relatedly, does this mean we should be iterating over Context Stage1 libffi w | w <- [vanilla, dynamic] ] instead of considering just vanilla (before this patch) or just dynamic (with this patch) ?

After speaking with Alp, we've decided it is safer to simply revert the dynamic linking changes: D5430. This should fix the Hadrian build while a hack free solution can be found.

DavidEichmann planned changes to this revision.Dec 10 2018, 11:00 AM

Funny enough, I just came accross this in the make build system rts/

# This is a little hacky. We don't know the SO version, so we only
# depend on, but copy*
rts/dist/build/lib$(LIBFFI_NAME)$(soext): libffi/build/inst/lib/lib$(LIBFFI_NAME)$(soext)
	cp libffi/build/inst/lib/lib$(LIBFFI_NAME)$(soext)* rts/dist/build
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