'DynFlag'-free version of 'mkParserFlags'

Authored by harpocrates on Dec 2 2018, 12:49 AM.



This is a fixed version of the reverted d2fbc33c4ff3074126ab71654af8bbf8a46e4e11
and 5aa29231ab7603537284eff5e4caff3a73dba6d2.

Obtaining a DynFlags is difficult, making using the lexer/parser
for pure parsing/lexing unreasonably difficult, even with mkPStatePure.
This is despite the fact that we only really need

  • language extension flags
  • warning flags
  • a handful of boolean options

The new mkParserFlags' function makes is easier to directly construct a
ParserFlags. Furthermore, since pExtsBitmap is just a footgun, I've gone
ahead and made ParserFlags an abstract type.

Also, we now export ExtBits and getBit instead of defining/exporting a
bunch of boilerplate functions that test for a particular 'ExtBits'.
In the process, I also

  • cleaned up an unneeded special case for ITstatic
  • made UsePosPrags another variant of ExtBits
  • made the logic in reservedSymsFM match that of reservedWordsFM
Test Plan

make test

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@bgamari This lumps together fixed changes from the two reverted patches D5269 and D5332.

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Personally, I find ifExtension more descriptive than isBit - I think the code should still signal the intent "if extension X is enabled, then do this".

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  • ifBit -> isExtension
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@tdammers Are you satisfied with the latest changes?