Improve test T14452 for Windows

Authored by RolandSenn on Nov 30 2018, 9:30 AM.



Under Windows all parameters to gcc are enclosed in quotes, opposite to Linux, where the quotes are missing. Therefore in the test, we remove all quotes in the stdout file with sed.

Test Plan

make test TEST=T14452

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Lint ErrorsExcuse: Bad characters are in test T12971. My changes however are in test T14452.
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Errortestsuite/tests/driver/Makefile:670TXT5Bad Charset
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Thanks @RolandSenn ,

Next time for filtering like this though please use the normalisation facilities in the testsuite, that's a lot less fragile because the state of these core-utils programs tend to differ
between OSes, and they can be shadowed depending on the user's environment.

The testsuite allows you to post-processes stdout and stderr before comparisons (simple regexp or anything you want.) Search the testsuite for "normalise_" and you'll find examples.

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