Support registering Plugins through the GHC API

Authored by DanielG on Oct 28 2018, 9:31 PM.



This allows tooling using the GHC API to use plugins internally.
Hopefully this will make it possible to decouple the development of
useful plugins from (currently) kitchen-sink type tooling projects
such as ghc-mod or HIE -- at least to some extent.

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Rebase onto master

Something werid is going on with the CI build, it immediately fails with:

exception 'PhabricatorWorkerPermanentFailureException' with message 'Lease "PHID-DRYL-sgmvjcrb3e4vdnju3r72" never activated.' in /opt/phabricator/src/applications/harbormaster/step/HarbormasterLeaseWorkingCopyBuildStepImplementation.php:91
Stack trace:
#0 /opt/phabricator/src/applications/harbormaster/worker/HarbormasterTargetWorker.php(70): HarbormasterLeaseWorkingCopyBuildStepImplementation->execute(Object(HarbormasterBuild), Object(HarbormasterBuildTarget))
#1 /opt/phabricator/src/infrastructure/daemon/workers/PhabricatorWorker.php(123): HarbormasterTargetWorker->doWork()
#2 /opt/phabricator/src/infrastructure/daemon/workers/storage/PhabricatorWorkerActiveTask.php(171): PhabricatorWorker->executeTask()
#3 /opt/phabricator/src/infrastructure/daemon/workers/PhabricatorTaskmasterDaemon.php(22): PhabricatorWorkerActiveTask->executeTask()
#4 /opt/libphutil/src/daemon/PhutilDaemon.php(219): PhabricatorTaskmasterDaemon->run()
#5 /opt/libphutil/scripts/daemon/exec/exec_daemon.php(131): PhutilDaemon->execute()
#6 {main}

It's not clear to me why we need a separate type for API plugins. Why does this facility appear to be so different from the "usual" plugin mechanism?

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What is the problem with adding the plugin you want to load to the plugins field? There at least needs to be a comment explaining why it is necessary for these two different approaches which look very similar.

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FYI there is more commentary in the linked trac issue. I wasn't sure whether I should also copy that into the commit description or not, is that desirable?

Essentially there's two problems with just using the old plugins field (as I explain in the trac issue): (1) it is treated as a cache and overwritten whenever the code sees fit. (2) how do you come up with a ModIface for a module that's not even being compiled right now. So at the very least lpModule would have to become optional.

I chose to introduce a new type and rename the old field because that allowed me to let GHC direct me to the places that need fixing.

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Rename to "StaticPlugin" to clarify use-case, add some more doc comments and update commit message.

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I really don't like this design of mirroring LoadedPlugin. LoadedPlugin and StaticPlugin are so similar; the only difference is that one lacks a ModIface. Why not just make the lpModule a Maybe?

Also, we still do need a test to verify that recompilation works properly.

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Hook-up recompilation logic for StaticPlugin and add tests for recompilation

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Yup, valid point. I've chosen to pull the common bits into PluginWithArgs instead of following your suggestion since I prefer to keep the concepts of dynamically loaded LoadedPlugin and statically loaded StaticPlugin as seperate types.

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Rebase on master

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Fix arc diff fuckup (hopefully)

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Alright, looks good. Let's merge this.

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