Don't use X86_64_ELF_NONPIC_HACK for +RTS -xp

Authored by watashi on Oct 17 2018, 8:53 AM.



When +RTS -xp is passed, when don't need the X86_64_ELF_NONPIC_HACK,
becasue the relocation offset should only be out of range if

  • the object file was not compiled with -fPIC -fexternal-dynamic-refs;
  • ghc generates non-pic code while it should (e.g. Trac #15723)

In either case, we should print an error message rather that silently
attempt to use a hacky workaround that may not work.

This could have made debugging Trac #15723 and Trac #15729 much easier.

Test Plan

Run this in a case where ghci used to crash becasue of T15723. Now we
see helpful message like:

ghc-iserv-prof: R_X86_64_PC32 relocation out of range:
= 9b95ffac
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btw, use #1234 for ticket references in Phabricator markup.

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Yes, this makes sense.

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