Implement late lambda lift
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Authored by sgraf on Fri, Oct 12, 5:19 AM.


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This implements a selective lambda-lifting pass late in the STG pipeline.

Lambda lifting has the effect of avoiding closure allocation at the cost of having to make former free vars available at call sites, possibly enlarging closures surrounding call sites in turn.

We identify beneficial cases by means of an analysis that estimates closure growth.

There's a Wiki page at

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Warningcompiler/simplStg/StgLiftLams/LiftM.hs:182TXT3Line Too Long
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I identified a few points worth discussing below.

I don't have the latest benchmarking numbers available on this machine, but is still accurate.

The wiki page should be up to date now.

Edit: Also, this still lacks a unit test suite. Let's see what I can cook together...


Is it OK to use demand info this late in the STG pipeline?


Note that this bit of code means we migh optimise differently when profiling. Is this acceptable behavior?

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Here's a paste with the NoFib results: P189

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