Use an accumulator version of tyCoVarsOfType

Authored by tdammers on Sep 10 2018, 10:40 AM.



This is part 1 from Trac #14880: factor out a worker for the tyCoVarsOf... family of
function, implementing them in terms of VarSet, but with accumulator-style
(like in FV) built in, and with the same kind of pre-insert lookup; this
has shown to perform better than either FV or plain VarSet in this particular

Original notes from simonpj:

In TyCoRep we now have tyCoVarsOfType implemented

  1. Using FV -- this is the baseline version in GHC today
  1. Using VarSets via unionVarSet
  1. Using VarSets in accumulator-style

In this patch (3) is enabled.

When compiling perf/compiler/T5631 we get

      Compiler allocs
(1)   1,144M
(2)   1,175M
(3)   1,142M

The key new insight in (3) is this:

ty_co_vars_of_type (TyVarTy v) is acc
  | v `elemVarSet` is  = acc
  | v `elemVarSet` acc = acc   <---- NB!
  | otherwise          = ty_co_vars_of_type (tyVarKind v) is (extendVarSet acc v)

Notice the second line! If the variable is already in the
accumulator, don't re-add it. This makes big difference.
Without it, allocation is 1,169M or so.

One cause is that we only take the free vars of its kind once;
that problem will go away when we do the main part of Trac #14088 and
close over kinds /afterwards/. But still, another cause is perhaps
that every insert into a set overwrites the previous item, and so
allocates a new path to the item; it's not a no-op even if the
item is there already.

Why use (3) rather than (1)? Becuase it just /has/ to
be better;

  • FV carries around an InterestingVarFun, which does nothing useful here, but is tested at every variable
  • FV carries around a [Var] for the deterministic version.

For this very hot operation (finding free vars) I think it
makes sense to have speical purpose code.

On the way I also simplified the (less used) coVarsOfType/Co family
to use FV, by making serious use of the InterestingVarFun!

Test Plan

validate, nofib

Diff Detail

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On further thought, maybe we should just ditch these commented-out code blocks here...

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Rebase onto current master

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Yes, I think we should. If there is something we should remember from these experiments let's record it in a Note.


What is going on here?

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I think it's this:

On the way I also simplified the (less used) coVarsOfType/Co family to use FV, by making serious use of the InterestingVarFun!

Althought the commented-out code should probably be deleted.

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Let's just commit this!


See Trac Trac #14880


Why not use tyCoVarsOfCo, and filter? I think it's because you want to use the InterestingVarFun part of FV. Please explain this.

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