Fix #15594 (--abi-hash with Backpack sometimes fails)

Authored by ezyang on Sep 2 2018, 5:46 PM.



For holes, its necessary to "see through" the instantiation
of the hole to get accurate family instance dependencies.
For example, if B imports <A>, and <A> is instantiated with
F, we must grab and include all of the dep_finsts from
F to have an accurate transitive dep_finsts list.

However, we MUST NOT do this for regular modules.
First, for efficiency reasons, doing this
bloats the the dep_finsts list, because we *already* had
those modules in the list (it wasn't a hole module, after
all). But there's a second, more important correctness
consideration: we perform module renaming when running
--abi-hash. In this case, GHC's contract to the user is that
it will NOT go and read out interfaces of any dependencies
(; the point of
--abi-hash is just to get a hash of the on-disk interfaces
for this *specific* package. If we go off and tug on the
interface for /everything/ in dep_finsts, we're gonna have a
bad time. (It's safe to do do this for hole modules, though,
because the hmap for --abi-hash is always trivial, so the
interface we request is local. Though, maybe we ought
not to do it in this case either...)

Signed-off-by: Edward Z. Yang <>

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Thank you for the quick fix, Edward!

@shlevy let's exercise our backport machinery for this one!

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Also, I know this is an unpopular request by now but this is biting us in production and would be nice to have on ghc-8.6 @bgamari.

JFTR we are using this patch in production for and it works great!

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The summary for this phab is very sparse can there be more text there ?


Really minor point here and in any case take my remark with a pinch of salt as I am not a native speaker. The double negation "MUST NOT do ... not a hole module" is a bit confusing to read. Can you replace "not a hole module" with "completed module"/"filled modules"/ (what exactly is the terminology for such a module) or may be even "modules without holes".

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There is no line that can be uncommented here. I think some thing is missing here.

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Thanks for reviewing @ppk!


Yes, this should be fixed. @ezyang, should there be something more here or should the comment be dropped?

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Comment should be dropped, I believe; it came from Alex's repro.

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All issues resolved!

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