Suppress redundant givens during error reporting

Authored by RyanGlScott on Jul 23 2018, 10:50 AM.



When GHC reports that it cannot solve a constraint in error
messages, it often reports what given constraints it has in scope.
Unfortunately, sometimes redundant constraints (like * ~ *, from
Trac #15361) can sneak in. The fix is simple: blast away these redundant
constraints using mkMinimalBySCs.

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make test TEST=T15361

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Thanks. a few wording suggestions


Please point explicitly to where this is done -- it's quite hard to find. It's this code

givens  = [ given | given <- getUserGivens ctxt, not (ic_no_eqs given)]
          -- Keep only UserGivens that have some equalities

in misMachOrCND. And make that code point to this Note. Also this implication really *does* apparently bind some equalities; but ic_no_eqs refines it to find whether it *really* does so.


Again, that's because ic_no_eqs field applies to whole implication; we don't do this on a constraint-by-constraint basis

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This is done by filtering the `givens` selected in `misMatchOrCND`.

And could you please make that line in misMatchOrCND point to this note?

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Is this how you intended it to be worded?

And could you please make that line in misMatchOrCND point to this note?

...I did this already? See line 1813.

Great thans!

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