Harden fixST

Authored by dfeuer on Jul 9 2018, 1:13 PM.



Trac Trac #15349 reveals that lazy blackholing can cause trouble for
fixST much like it can for fixIO. Make fixST work just
like fixIO.

dfeuer created this revision.Jul 9 2018, 1:13 PM

Can you add a test please?

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  • Fix lazy ST; add tests

Can you add a test please?

Done. Unfortunately, all my attempts to fix lazy ST using noDuplicate# failed the test when compiled with -O0. I wish I understood why, so I could feel more confident that we don't have more troubles lurking in that module. Lazy ST is really subtle. In the mean time, I implemented the lazy ST version using an MVar as well; that seems to work.

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Oh, bleh! I just realized my lazy version is still wrong. It's too strict sometimes, and I think it can also have trouble from the putMVar not actually happening. What a mess....

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  • Back out lazy ST changes
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  • Back out lazy ST changes
simonmar accepted this revision.Jul 16 2018, 4:23 AM

I don't think noDuplicate# has any well-defined semantics that we can rely on, so I'm not entirely surprised that you found it difficult to use it to fix Lazy ST.

I presume we're good here for strict ST at least?

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