SAT: Fix hacky name shadowing

Authored by osa1 on Jul 9 2018, 3:50 AM.


Trac Issues

Properly (using a fresh unique) create a new Id for the "wrapper"
(previously called "shadow") and rename the original body so that calls
to the pre-SAT function become calls to the wrapper function.

Fixes Trac #14231

Test Plan

Validated with the regression test. I also tried validating with
EXTRA_HC_OPTS="-fstatic-argument-transformation -dcore-lint". Number of
failures reduced from 91 to 75.

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See comment:13 in the ticket


I don't see how this can possibly work. You are binding wrapper_bndr but never using it.

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  • Implement RHS renaming
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I forgot to actually rename the original binder to the shadow binder. Updated now.

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We discussed this with @simonpj -- it turns out we can shadow binders using the same unique. Closing this. (see also the ticket)