When -odir is specified, put the object file of a C-source file into the top level odir directory (#14025)

Authored by RolandSenn on Jul 3 2018, 7:35 AM.



To choose the odir subdirectory to write the object file from Haskell source files, the following rules apply:
If the module has a simple name (eg Foo), then the object file (Foo.o) is stored into the odir top level directory.
If the module has a hierarchical name (eg Foo.Bar.Baz) then the object file (Baz.o) is stored into the directory odir/Foo/Bar.

The same rules should be used for the C-files. In C we don't have any hierarchical module names.
Hence when -odir is set, the object file of a c-file should always be written directly into the top level odir directory.

Test Plan

driver/T14025, driver/T14025a

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Looks like the build fails because it can't find some .o files. Might want to look into that.

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Oops, the failure of testcase cabal01is severe! To fix it, we would need to change Cabal: Cabal should be aware of the new location of the *.o file. However this gives a dependency between the versions of Cabal and GHC. The user of a GHC version with the patch for Trac Trac #14025 must also use a version of Cabal with a patch for Trac #14025 (and vice versa).
Considering, that Trac #14025 solves a very tiny problem, this is a too heavy burden on the user. Therefore I abandon this solution and I'll develop a new solution, just fixing the case with the absolute path.