Use an IORef for QSemN

Authored by dfeuer on Jun 25 2018, 5:29 PM.



Replace the outer MVar in QSemN with an IORef. This should
probably be lighter, and it removes the need for uninterruptibleMask.

dfeuer created this revision.Jun 25 2018, 5:29 PM

While the code no longer uses uninterruptibleMask, it remains possible for contention to lead to a thread being unkillable for a time. It's always possible for a thread to be descheduled between performing its atomicModifyIORef and forcing the result. In that case, it will leave a thunk in the IORef. In particular, signalQSemN can leave a good chunk of reversing work behind (it can also leave dead-thread-skipping work behind, but I think it's probably reasonable to assume there won't be too much of that). I don't think there's any way to give an absolute guarantee that no thread will be unkillable for long, but if that's an important goal, I think we can get pretty close by using a non-amortized queue. At first, I thought maybe we could just force the IORef contents at the beginning of each waitQSemN (before masking) but that would violate the ordering guarantee: threads attempting waitQSemN while an expensive thunk was being evaluated would be reordered arbitrarily. I don't know if the benefits of a fancier queue would be worth the price.

I have moved this to GitLab.

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