Do not skip conc004 in GHCi way

Authored by osa1 on Jun 11 2018, 12:01 PM.



According to the comments it used to allocate too much, but currently I

205,987,176 bytes allocated in the heap
 50,352,200 bytes copied during GC
 14,244,968 bytes maximum residency (6 sample(s))
    172,952 bytes maximum slop
         36 MB total memory in use (0 MB lost due to fragmentation)

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Is there some ticket associated with this? Do we know the context in which it allocated too much? *Someone* has clearly run into this in the past, and before undoing the "fix", I'd like some assertion that the problem has actually gone away, rather than us just not running it in the circumstances that trigger it.

Either way, linking to the relevant background information would be useful.

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before undoing the "fix"

I'm not undoing any fixes, I'm making sure this will stay fixed. I think other than satisfying our curiosity finding out what specific commit fixed this has no value because in the end the commit will look exactly like this.

I'm good with this. If there is still a problem it will be good to find out, and if not, we prevent whatever it was from recurring.

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