Define list monad operations using comprehensions

Authored by dfeuer on Nov 7 2014, 2:00 AM.



Define list monad operations using list comprehensions. Code using monad operations with lists did not fuse fully. Writing list code with do notation or (>>=) and (>>) operations could allocate more than equivalent code using list comprehensions.

Define mapM directly, instead of using sequence and map. This leads to substantially less allocation in cryptarithm2.

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more generally, what's the motivation for this change?

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why is this in this patch?

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can we have a source-note somewhere about INLINEing methods? I'm always forgetting why we want that

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More generally, the motivation for this change is to make list monad operations fuse as well as list comprehensions. See Trac #9781, which I just filed.

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Probably not strictly necessary, but it should save the simplifier some work.

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Yeah, I'm not sure exactly which ones should and which ones shouldn't in general, but in this case, I want to do it because build forms don't really tend to inline well at all if we don't force the inliner's hand.

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Why not mconcat = concat. Sureley concat should be at least as efficient as mconcat?

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I think we should keep the code tidy if the tidy code is sufficiently fast. We want our users to be able to write nice code, that also applies to ourself (being user after all).

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Again, shouldn’t that be (>>=) = concatMap?

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Remember where we are. There is no concat!

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xs >>= f = concatMap f xs was actually my original approach. The problem is that we then need to move concatMap from GHC.List into Base and hide it from a few additional import lists. It works; it's just not as clean as one might like. I realized this go-round that we could just take advantage of the list comprehension desugaring to do the work for us. Now I do seem to recall that there is/was some kind of weird option to desugar via concatMap that this would break (if it's not already broken). Do you know about that?

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Hmm. Weird new word^Hlist module order... *shrug*

Maybe add a comment -- cannot use concat here yet to that line? Surely people will wander when reading that code.

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No, doesn’t ring a bell.

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Yeah, I think I got confused there. I think this should be safe.

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Add list specialization for lifts; add comments; back off the
mapM change as requested.

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Something about the latest change caused a cryptarithm2 regression. I'm trying to see which.

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Put the mapM change back; it makes a big difference for

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Rebase following lhs->hs

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Remove list specialization pragmas as irrelevant and of unknown

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