fixes #8944 - Now printing a warning 'Ignoring invalid haddock comment' instead of an error

Authored by rodlogic on Nov 6 2014, 4:02 PM.


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This addresses ticket Trac #8944 where the lexer stops with an error on an invalid haddock comment and when the haddock option is set.

See ticket for more details.

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Added Opt_WarnInvalidComments (warn-invalid-comments) to DynFlags manual and user guide.

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Updated docs/users_guide/using.xml with new option.

This is still not working correctly and I am running out of ideas considering that my knowledge of Alex is quite thin. The main open question is where should the new rule be added in Lexer.x. I have tried 3 different locations and I still get validate errors.

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Nice, LGTM!

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Whoops, I noticed the testsuite failures. We'll have to fix this stuff first.

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As I mentioned above all the pieces are in place, but the new rule in Parser.x is not working in all cases.

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I think the option is unnecessary and it should always be on if running Haddock: it is not fun to start again each time. We would most likely always enable this from Haddock anyway.

EDIT: although I suppose if you already coded the option in then we might as well leave it in, I can see someone wanting to catch badly placed comments without having to scroll through the whole output.


This isn't a good message, the comment might be perfectly valid Haddock markup. The only problem we encounter here is that a Haddock comment appears at a location GHC is not expecting it in. The message should say something like “Not expecting Haddock comment at <location>, ignoring.” instead.

Huh, sorry, I commented some days ago but apparently you have to scroll down and submit it too.

Basically I'd like the error message to be a bit more meaningful.

Any updates on this? I think I even hoped for it to go into 7.10.1 though if it gets merged in fast then I guess it doesn't change things enough to not be allowed into later 7.10.x release.

Yes, I also hoped for 7.10, but I faced some difficulties in Parser.hs (harder nut to crack than initially appears) and I had little to no time for Haskell/GHC since December.

What is the status here?

@thomie It is pretty much stuck at this point since I had zero time to work on it. I am also sure it is very outdated considering the recent Annotations API work on the parser. It seems best to get rid of this differential.

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