Cache the fingerprint of sOpt_P

Authored by niteria on Feb 23 2018, 8:28 AM.



Before this change we would compute a hash of
all the command line -optP flags once per file.
With a lot of files and many -optP flags, that's a lot
of repeated work.

I added a new Note that explains the approach and rationale.

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new test

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fix spurious whitespace change

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actually set the expected value in the test

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I'm not following the details, but it looks very plausible to me.


I'd drop the reference to Trac #14697 here. The Note refers to it, and that's all we need here.

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Hmm, interesting, for the test failures on Linux I get completely different numbers.

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fix comment

I think T14697 fails because the {{1..10000}} expansion fails. That sounds fixable.

T9630 on the other hand has just been bumped in rGHCf57c3059d7c8b8e00bd3a9f9153c3520f6db14d4, so I believe I just need to rebase.

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try to please the testrunner

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