Be more selective in which conditionals we invert

Authored by simonmar on Feb 8 2018, 4:18 AM.



See Note [improveConditional] for details.

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fix neLike

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I think the comment is much improved already but still slightly misleading.


So we look for that specific case here.

This was never really true was it? We happily invert all conditionals that match the pattern if they make it this far.
Floating point or not.

It works because all other(non float) expressions should have been simplified by this point.
But we don't check for that so it's worth pointing that out in a comment.

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I've made it more specific than it used to be - before it was inverting every !=, now it's only doing that if it can save a comparison. Currently I believe the only cases where that happens are the floating-point ones, but it doesn't do any harm to do it for any comparison. I'll clarify the comment.

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Clarify comment

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Is there a ticket, or test case, for this?

Is there a ticket, or test case, for this?

It's a fixup to this previous change:

No testcase I'm afraid (but there wasn't one for the original change either).