Allocate less in plus_mod_dep

Authored by niteria on Jan 21 2018, 12:01 PM.



This gives a 10% allocation improvement on MultiLayerModules.
The idea is to reuse existing tuples, instead of constantly
constructing new ones.
I'm not sure if the warning gives any value, I left it because
I don't understand why it would fire.

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Wow, that is quite a difference.

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Good. Small refactoring suggestions


I'd prefer

plus_mod_dep r1@(m1, boot1) r2@(m2, boot2)
  | WARN( ... )
    boot1       -> r2
  | otherwise -> r1
  -- If either side can "see" a non-hi-boot interface, use that
  -- Reusing existing tuples saves 10% on test perf/compiler/MultiLayerModules

I think this can be an ASSERT. I think the idea is that in the imp_dep_mods finite map, we always have m :-> (m, blah), so when combining the m's should be the same.

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