add variants of `finiteBitSize` and friends which take `Proxy`
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Authored by strake on Dec 8 2017, 5:18 PM.


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Has there been a discussion on the Haskell libraries mailing list about this topic? We typically do not accept wholesale API additions to base without some kind of community consensus that they should be added.

Moreover, the choice to only add a Proxy-fied version of bitSizeMaybe feels rather ad hoc, as that's far from the only method in base that takes a dummy argument (see for many more examples).

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@RyanGlScott good point — we ought to introduce Proxyfied versions of all such terms in base.

strake added a comment.EditedDec 13 2017, 9:30 PM

@RyanGlScott which are these other such terms?

@RyanGlScott which are these other such terms?

Every function defined in is a Proxy-fied version of something from base.

(See for the equivalent TypeApplications versions.)

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