Improve Applicative and Monad instances in Base

Authored by dfeuer on Nov 2 2014, 3:06 AM.



Move concatMap from GHC.List to GHC.Base so it can be used for the
Applicative and Monad instances for []. Define some Applicative members
directly instead of defining them via Monad ones. Use GND and coercions
to speed up some instances

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Don't artificially raise the arity of (*>).

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Revert a change requiring more discussion.

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Put back thenIO. It's not used anywhere, but it's wired in
for some reason, so removing it leads to validation failures.
We'll deal with this separately.

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Fix Base import in one test; change expected output in another.

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This reduces allocation in cryptarithm2 by 53%. Its only validation failure is a "stat too good" one. I don't currently have things set up to be able to see how to adjust the expected performance.

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  • Make Data.Monoid a lot smaller
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I rather like the coerce changes to Data.Monoid.

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I generally like the changes, I just don't like this being such a huge patch, mixing up concerns which deserve separate patches & associated reviews.


this seems unrelated to the advertised Applicative/Monad improvements




also an unrelated change?


This is formally an API extension and ought to be a separate commit, with its own separate Trac ticket documenting the library submission process (which was positive, but we should follow the protocol nevertheless, as we're recently being accused of being sloppy in that regard)


what does this INLINE effect again?

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I'm not sure the first one matters. the one on concatMap should help a great deal with fusion.

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