Add trace injection

Authored by dfeuer on Nov 6 2017, 9:56 AM.



Add support for injecting runtime calls to trace in DsM. This
allows the desugarer to add compile-time information to a runtime

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  • Simplify API using exprType
  • Move pprRuntimeTrace to DsMonad
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  • Move pprRuntimeTrace to DsMonad
bgamari requested changes to this revision.Nov 23 2017, 12:02 PM

This seems reasonable to me although I've suggested some cleanups.


This looks reasonable but can you make the documentation a bit more comprehensive? It's currently rather unclear what this actually does without reading the implementation.


Why is this boot file necessary?


What we drop these?

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To allow trace to be injected into modules that Debug.Trace depends on. Those modules just need to add import {-# SOURCE #-} Debug.Trace (). I guess I should add a comment, and mention it in the pprRuntimeTrace documentation.


I'll erase those lines.

bgamari added inline comments.Nov 23 2017, 3:20 PM

In that case why do we need to export anything but trace?

Another option is to simply make trace wired-in. This would avoid all of the boot-file silliness.


What we drop these?

An impressive bit of gibberish there. Sheesh.

dfeuer added inline comments.Nov 27 2017, 4:49 PM

We might potentially want to use other tracing functions from modules with import loops. Is there any reason not to include them? Making trace wired-in to support pprRuntimeTrace sounds very reasonable; how hard is that?

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Clean things up a bit

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I looked into the idea of wiring trace in, and to be honest, I don't think it's worth it. That locks down its inlining info, which seems like a potential maintenance burden. It seems likely to be better for anyone who needs to inject trace calls into Debug.Trace or its dependencies to just add the necessary imports by hand--there just aren't that many modules like that.

bgamari accepted this revision.Nov 29 2017, 6:52 PM

Just one request inline.


We need to be more explicit here; in particular point out who this is intended for.

I'm also still quite uncertain of whether we *really* need to export the entire interface.

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Add further documentation

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