Make the Con and Con' patterns produce evidence

Authored by dfeuer on Oct 29 2017, 10:07 PM.



Matching with the Con and Con' patterns can reveal evidence
that the type in question is *not* an application. This can help
the pattern checker.

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Yes, this seems reasonable to me. Just a small suggestion


YesApp and NoApp sound a bit odd. Perhaps call these IsApp and IsCon.

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Rebase; rename constructors

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This may produce fairly poor errors when users include bad Con patterns. I haven't yet found a way to use TypeError to get good error messages that doesn't also confuse the pattern checker. What I can do is use a custom type rather than Bool as the result of IsApplication. I suppose I could (disgustingly) embed a message in the name of one of the constructors....

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How poor is poor? Let's not try to solve a problem that we don't have.

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@dfeuer is going to try to quickly improve the error messages produced by this.

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Improve error message for redundant Con/Con'

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Assuming it validates this looks good to me.



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