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GHC Used to only allow for one include mode, namely -I.
The problem with -I includes is that it supercedes all other
includes, including the system include paths.

This is not a problem for paths requested by the user, but it is a
problem for the ones we implicitly derive and add.

In particular we add the source directory of the input file to the
include path. This is problematic because it causes any file with the
name of a system include, to inadvertently loop as the wrong file gets

Since this is an implicitly include, and as far as I can tell, only done
so local includes are found (as the sources given to GCC reside in a temp
folder) then switch from -I to -iquote.

This requires a submodule update for haddock

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Accompanying haddock pull request is here

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Yes in principle but I have a few concerns.


Doesn't the order matter here? In the singleton case we prepend whereas here we append.


Can you add comments to this and the above function clarifying what they do?

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Having done the archeology on this, it seems the original support for CApi did not add any tests 36f8cabecd5a8320ee174abb56e73841a5cbc9c7 later an unrelated commit for hs-boot 06d46b1e4507e09eb2a7a04998a92610c8dc6277 added the currently directory as a general include directory.

So when these CApi tests were added they just happen to work.

Changing the include style from <> to "" is according to the Haskell report:

Specification of Header Files A C header specified in an import declaration is always included by #include "chname". There is no explicit support for #include <chname> style inclusion. The ISO C99 standard guarantees that any search path that would be used for a #include <chname> is also used for #include "chname" and it is guaranteed that these paths are searched after all paths that are unique to #include "chname". Furthermore, we require that chname ends in .h to make parsing of the specification of external entities unambiguous.

and the C semantics safe:

#include "file"

    This variant is used for header files of your own program. It searches for a file named file first in the directory containing the current file, then in the quote directories and then the same directories used for <file>. You can prepend directories to the list of quote directories with the -iquote option.

So this should be more correct and not unexpectedly break stuff

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This needs to be in the 8.6 release notes, but that doesn't exist yet

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Thanks for the ping, @Phyx!

Looks good to me modulo one documentation wibble. I can fix this when I merge.

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