Fix binary distributions of cross compilers

Authored by angerman on Oct 2 2017, 7:24 AM.


  • copy over the original settings file Otherwise most of the custom cross compiler toolchain will be screwed up upon install. I'd rather have someone complain about a proper target-prefixed tool being missing, than getting garbaled output and a slew of strange errors because the final configure selected tools on the install machine just don't match up.
  • persist target-prefix. For cross compilers, retain the $target- prefix. This allows installing multiple cross compierls targetting different targets alongside each other.
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A few small issues.

"Configure at install"?


I really wish that we wouldn't conflate Stage1Only and cross compiling. There are perfectly good reasons for only wanting a stage 1 comailer other than cross compiling. Wouldn't CrossCompiling be more appropriate here?

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When installing a binary distribution, you usually do

$ tar xzf ghc-...
ghc-... $ ./configure --prefix # <-- this configure
ghc-... $ make install

that's where we start to pick up new tools from the
environment (e.g. ld, ar,... all non-target prefixed).


Let's use ifeq "$(Stage1Only) $(CrossCompiling)" "YES YES"?
As far as I understood @trofi in D4048, CrossCompiling can also mean, cross compiling ghc, not just builing a cross compiler.

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Ahhh, I see what you mean. Perhaps you could rephrase this to

We do this because the bindist configure by default picks up ...


Yes, that sounds reasonable.

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  • adjust to change requests
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Perhaps this TODO should be dropped?

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I guess we *could* do this. I'm not sure we *should*. As mentioned elsewhere Stage1Only=YES is not identical to CrossCompiling. However @Stage1Only@ is not available, and we have to resort to @CrossCompiling@.

However, maybe we want to remove it, as Stage1Only => CrossCompiling isn't always true either.

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  • Drop comment
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  • Rebase. Depends on D4048
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Hmm, it looks like Harbormaster still fails to build this.

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I'll focus on getting this solved in my hadrian fork