Clean up tagToEnum# and dataToTag# rules
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Authored by dfeuer on Oct 1 2017, 11:37 AM.


  • Make our invariants more explicit; add an assertion to verify.
  • Rewrite calls of tagToEnum# to known-invalid tags into error calls.
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Remove this second comment; that's not implemented yet.

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Swap order

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Make the swap right

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Really this time

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Kill a warning

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Looks reasonable to me. One question inline. Might we want a test for this?


Is there any good reason not to simply panic here (and perhaps below)?

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I don't think we want to panic for an out-of-bound tag, no. But I believe these WARN pragmas only work when GHC is compiled for debugging. It might make sense to upgrade to whatever mechanism would produce the warning more broadly. We might want to panic for the inappropriate type case that was already there; I'm really not sure if that code is supposed to be reachable at the moment.

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