libffi packaging script

Authored by angerman on Sep 30 2017, 9:48 PM.



In D3574, we added custom libffi packages built from
the libffi git repository. The packageing script got lost
somewhere in the process.

The script has also been adapted to use ./configure && make dist
instead of git archive to build the tarball. This should
therfore incldue the .info files and not have a hard requirement
on makeinfo anymore, which broke the hadrian windows build.

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Sorry, I should have made this more clear. The packaging script now lives in the libffi-tarballs repository. See the master branch in particular.

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Such a sorry state of affairs.

It's correct that path-318, is not included. It was rolled into patch-316.
The numbers correspond to the PRs at the GitHub libffi repo.

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