Fix atomicread/write operations

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In libraries/ghc-prim/cbits/atomic.c no barriers
were issued for atomic read and write operations. Starting with
gcc 4.7 compiler intrinsics are offered. The atomic intrinisics
are also available in clang. Use these to implement hs_atomicread*
and hs_atomicwrite.

Test Plan

validate on OSX and Windows

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Please add a note explaining what these are about. Do you think you can write a test that demonstrates the problem we had before?

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Note: not having a test isn't fatal; it would be nice, but these things sometimes are too subtle to test easily enough. But comments are important.

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These get compiled into the same code on x86, right?

These get compiled into the same code on x86, right?

For atomic read the answer is yes.

For atomic write the same code is generated that is also generated by the native code generator.

	movq	%rsi, (%rdi)


	movq	%rsi, (%rdi)

From compiler/nativeGen/X86/CodeGen.hs:

genCCall _ _ (PrimTarget (MO_AtomicWrite width)) [] [addr, val] = do
    code <- assignMem_IntCode (intFormat width) addr val
    return $ code `snocOL` MFENCE
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Alright, it's certainly no less correct than the previous state of things.

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