Generalise constraint on `instance Monoid (Maybe a)` to Semigroup

Authored by hvr on Sep 15 2017, 9:45 AM.



This now becomes possible due to the introduction of the
Semigroup=>Monoid superclass relation.

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Make sure to update the changelog!


I find this "prior to base-4.9.0" qualification to be more confusing than anything. Just leave that sentence off.

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Looks very good to me.

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Changelog entry needed.

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Address concerns

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To be clear, I think you should leave off the entirety of the sentence "Since there used to be no 'Semigroup' typeclass providing just '<>' we use 'Monoid' instead." It's needlessly dwelling on the past—especially since the subsequent paragraph makes sufficient note of the fact that its context changed recently.

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  • Remove past-dwelling-sentence for good
  • Adjust testsuite output for T4175
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Looks good to me.

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