Add gen-dll as replacement for dll-split

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This tool can be used to generate dll's for any list of object files
given to it. It will then repartition them automatically to fit within
a dll and generates as many dll's as needed to do this. Cyclic dependencies
between these generated dlls are handle automatically so there is no need
to tell it how to partition.

It is also a lot more general than dll-split as it is able to split any
package not just libGHC. It also uses a trick using GNU style import libraries
to hide the splitting from the rest of the pipeline. Which means come linking time
you don't need to know which dll contains what symbol or how many split dlls were

The import libraries are by default created with libtool. However since libtool is BFD
based it is very slow. So if present and detected by configure the genlib tool
from the msys2 project is used. This makes a difference of about ~45 minutes when compiling.

To install genlib run pacman -Sy mingw-w64-$(uname -m)-tools-git.

More detailed explaination of the process can be found here

Test Plan


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Remove 8.2.1 release not changes.

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Adding @snowleopard as this will need to be reflected in Hadrian as well.

This looks reasonable to me. Just some documentation requests inline.

To install genlib run pacman -Sy mingw-w64-$(uname -m)-tools-git.

Thanks for adding this to the Wiki already! It might also be a good idea to send a message to ghc-devs when this is merged to ensure that everyone realizes the change.

Don't we also need to do this in distrib/


It would be great if there were a Note here explaining the goal of this utility and roughly outlining how it works. Be sure to reference Trac #5987 and briefly explain how this interacts (eventually?) with SxS. Also perhaps reference Note [BFD import library].


What is symbol padding?


What is this Char?


Should we perhaps catch the case where the string is neither "yes" nor "no"? Seems like we should fail in this case.

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Add documentation and process feedback.

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No, gen-dll won't be distributed, it's only needed to build stage2. In fact the paths ./configure finds for these tools here are baked into the the gen-dll.exe so it can't be moved to another machine.


It's the type of the symbol, e.g. the Single letter descriptions nm uses to indicate what the symbol is. It's important to split out data and function, as the way we access them is different.

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clarify SxS

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Clarify SxS

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relax process version bounds.

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Alright, this looks good to me.

So if I'm not mistaken this means that user libraries with many symbols will still fail?

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Yes, but that wouldn't be a problem unique to GHC in that case. Theoretically gen-dll could be generalized to supposed user libraries, but atm it's very specialized to the build system requirements of GHC.

You also need a fairly large codebase in order for you to hit this issue. At that point you can probably get around it by just splitting your package.

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POSIX shell syntax requires no spaces in assignments.
Does this code have correct if condition? It looks inverted from here.

The only reason I noticed is warning these lines on linux:

$ ./configure --target=sparc-unknown-linux-gnu
./configure: line 9708: cygpath: command not found
./configure: line 9708: ArCmd: command not found
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Pushed tweak as:

I hope I didn't break windows as a result.

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POSIX shell syntax requires no spaces in assignments.

I did not know this, I'll keep this in mind going forward.

Thanks @trofi