[RFC] base: Introduce GHC.ByteOrder

Authored by bgamari on Jul 24 2017, 10:12 AM.



This provides a ByteOrder type as well as a targetByteOrder value, which
indicates the byte ordering used by the target machine. We might also consider
exposing this via Data.Bits if the CLC is so inclined.

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Macro damngoodstuff:

PS: fwiw, I don't think Data.Bits is the place for this, as Data.Bits doesn't allow you to observe endianness afaik. However, Foreign.Storable is the API which lets you observe endianness.

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This is really two different changes: the introduction of the ByteOrder data type, and the targetByteOrder function.

I suppose one might wish to export ByteOrder from Data.Bits, but since nothing in Data.Bits actually uses ByteOrder at the moment, I don't see much point in doing so.

targetByteOrder, on the other hand, is a system-specific implementation detail, so putting it in Data.Bits doesn't feel like the right decision. On the other hand, System.Info might be a somewhat natural home for this function, yes? I don't know for what purpose this is going to be used, but it might be more discoverable if it were to live there.

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@RyanGlScott IMO, the best place would be Foreign.Storable, as that's the API which lets you actually observe endianness.

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There are probably many good candidates for places to re-export ByteOrder from, but perhaps we should wait until we actually have another function(s) in base which makes use of it. For the time being, this PR looks fine as-is to me.

Sounds reasonable to me.

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